Price increases are making the headlines- from commodities to everyday household items, virtually everything is getting more expensive! Does that mean that inflation is spiraling out of control? This is something we haven’t had to even think about in recent years because while inflation rates in the 70s-80s topped 10%, inflation (or the Consumer Price Index) has been sitting at roughly 1.5% over the last ten years. It’s been stable and it’s also been fairly low, but it seems like things are now changing. After significant increases in recent months, it’s clear that there are changes afoot, and we’re going to directly address how to keep inflation from wrecking your finances.

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One comment on “Will Inflation Wreck Your Finances? – Episode 359

  1. Wayne A Vaughn May 19, 2021

    By the way, from a boomer, the AI unit called HAL, the name was picked because they are the letters just in front of IBM.