Top 10 Must-Listen HTM Episodes

August 29, 2022

When you’ve been podcasting for five years and have an archive of 600+ shows, it can be challenging for new listeners to know where to start. Should you just subscribe and listen to new episodes that get released every week? The answer to that would be a resounding yes.

BUT, do you need to go back and listen to the entire backlog? Not really. The truth is that you don’t need to listen to every single How To Money episode in order to get significant value from listening to the newest ones. But it can also be helpful to listen to the ‘greatest hits,’ so to speak, in order to get a better understanding of our ethos and subject matter.

So we’ve put together a list of ‘must-listen’ episodes to help newer subscribers get a quick handle on the HTM philosophy without feeling compelled to listen to hundreds of hours of content. 

I mean, if you’ve got an epically long commute or have copious amounts of free time, be our guest. But here are the top-ten episodes we’d suggest you check out if you’re new ‘round here.

The 7 Money Gears #302

Now that you’ve decided that it’s time to get your financial ducks in a row, it’s important to figure out where you currently are, on the path to financial independence. That’s why we created this episode about when, to do what, with your money. Take a listen!

You Need a Bare Bones Budget #362

Tracking every dollar that comes in and goes out is a personal finance 101 necessity. It’s more difficult to right the ship when you don’t know where you’re currently headed. This episode about creating a bare-bones budget takes things a step further.

What’s More Important, Earning More or Spending Less? #284

Frugality is a superpower! But it can only get you so far. This episode hones in on why it’s crucial to stay frugal and spend wisely while also generating more income.

Getting Rich vs Building Wealth #488

Not having an informed ‘why’ behind the decisions you are making will cause you to burn out quickly in your money endeavors. So what are you aiming for? This episode will hopefully help you figure that out. Getting rich ≠ building wealth.

7 Ways To Save More Money This Week #260

Time to shrink your monthly bills down to size! This episode included some eminently practical advice about how you can save hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of dollars with just a few hours of your time. If you want to save meaningful amounts of money stat, this is your episode.

How to Keep Yourself Debt Free #467

Did you ever see the car reservation Seinfeld episode? The most important part of the whole shebang isn’t taking the reservation, it’s holding it. If you find yourself with consumer debt payments, we want to see you free from that burden. And not just for a little while, forever. 

Starting a Business Is Easier Than You Think #512

Growing your income meaningfully might involve starting a side hustle, and having multiple streams of income. But that side hustle doesn’t have to stay small. You can grow it into your main thing! And it’s not as difficult to pull off as you might imagine.

Ownership Is THE Key To Building Wealth #425

There’s an old saying that ‘wealth flows to owners.’ We think that owning assets is the surefire way to grow your bottom line. That doesn’t mean you need to buy an MLB team – those are expensive (and isn’t baseball declining in popularity?). But you can’t increase your net worth without becoming an asset owner.

Is Real Estate Investing Right For You? #401

Not everyone wants to invest in real estate. But we think that becoming a small-time landlord can help you build wealth, and this episode can help you get started. There’s more financial risk when you start buying rental properties, but the potential rewards are bigger too!

The Pros and Cons of the FIRE Movement #221

The FIRE movement is all about reaching financial independence and retiring way before traditional retirement age. But it tends to incite lightning-rod responses. But the reality is that the FIRE movement is a combo of positives and negatives

Bottom line, listen to HTM 🙂

Hopefully, this list was helpful as an HTM newbie, or even as a grizzled veteran who is looking to go back and check out some older (but still relevant) episodes.

While we try to keep it fresh by discussing current money news topics on our Friday Flight episodes and by bringing on fascinating guests and taking listener questions, you’re bound to hear some recurring themes as you listen. There’s a reason for that. It takes time for these ideas to sink in and season in our brains. Hopefully, these must-listen episodes, and upcoming future releases, will provide valuable insights (and some laughs too) on your path to financial success.

Thanks for listening! And check out our awesome weekly money newsletter 👇👇👇

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