How to Improve Your Credit Score – Episode 010

March 14, 2018
how to improve your credit score

Most lenders solely rely on your credit score to determine your interest rate and whether or not you qualify for a mortgage at all!

You heard it here: Dave Ramsey is wrong and your credit score is way more important than you think! In this episode we’re going to cover what is a credit score, why you need good credit, and then specifically we cover how to improve your credit score. There are some key factors that you need to know since they make up your credit score.

The 5 factors that make up your credit score:

  1. Payment history, 35%
  2. Credit utilization or amount owed, 30%
  3. Length of credit history, 15%
  4. Credit mix, 10%
  5. New credit, 10%

And some good sites where you can check your credit score for free are Credit Sesame and Credit Karma. Most credit cards are also offering a free credit score, but Joel and I are both fans of Discover’s Credit Scorecard.

Here’s a full post we wrote up on improving your credit score.

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