How to get a Deal on Craft Beer – Episode 008

February 27, 2018
How to Get a Deal on Craft Beer

Going straight to the brewery is not only a great way to get a deal on craft beer, but it’s also the best way to get your hands on some rare and sought after brews- like these by Bissell Brothers.

Finally, an entire episode that is only about the beer… and saving money of course! Joel and I spend this episode talking about how we get a deal on craft beer and we also touch on what we’re NOT willing to do in order to save a buck. Is it worth it to brew your own beer at home? Do you know what styles of beer to avoid if you’re shopping the discount shelf? Are any of the beers at Aldi good? Have a listen to find out as we dedicate this episode to getting a deal on craft beer.

Oh, and here is that ridiculous story of the guy claiming he was riding an electric bike when in reality he’s driving a scooter! Wearing a mountain biking helmet doesn’t automatically transform your moped into a legitimate bike. It’s just silly.

Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvee ReneAt the beginning of this episode we cracked open a lambic- Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvee Rene which you can find and learn all about on Untappd. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and review us in iTunesStitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts!


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