Avoiding the Holiday Shopping Hangover – Episode 045

November 21, 2018
Avoiding the Holiday Shopping Hangover

Baking for your neighbors is an excellent way to share some holiday cheer without breaking the bank. And since it hardly costs anything, you can even treat yo self! (pictured are Kate’s pumpkin spice cakes)

Shopping and overspending dominates the holiday season, and we want to make sure you’re not rolling into the new year with that holiday shopping hangover. Honestly, how much more stuff do we really need?! Consumers are expected to spend over 1 trillion dollars during this Christmas shopping season. It’s unfortunate how much emphasis is placed on high ticket gifts to supposedly prove how much you care. Listen as we cover some overall strategies that will help you become a better gift giver, how communication with friends and family is so important, and then we dive into some specific tips that will help keep you from overspending this season.

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