Introducing How to Money – Trailer

November 15, 2018
Introducing How to Money

New name, new look, and even new music- but deep down at the heart of it, we’re still the same personal finance podcast! In this trailer, we’re introducing How to Money, where every week we choose a money topic and have a conversation connecting that topic to you our listeners. So if you’re ready to stop sucking at money or if you just want to come nerd out with us, be sure and tap that subscribe button!

Also, we are excited about spending more time on the podcast- including the addition of a 2nd episode that we’ll be releasing every week. It’ll be a slightly different format as well, so look forward to that launching sometime in January!

So what this means for you: If you’re currently subscribed to the original Pour Not Poor, you shouldn’t have to do anything. Your podcasts app will update with our new rss feed! Listen to this trailer episode to hear us break it down some more. Changing a name takes some time to propagate to the different podcast directories like Apple, Castbox, Stitcher, etc., so thanks for your patience while all of this updates.

No beers enjoyed on this quick trailer, but we’ll be back at it next week with an episode where we cover our approach to holiday shopping. Best friends out!

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