Why Warehouse Clubs Might Be Awesome – Episode 093

June 5, 2019

Anyone who has heard of the different warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s has also heard that they’re a great place to save you money. But are they? With the proliferation of discount grocery stores and the ability to easily find a great deal on pretty much any product online, some are questioning whether the annual membership fees are worth it. Have a listen as we break down a bunch of the benefits, but also some of the drawbacks associated with warehouse clubs.

We’ve also written a whole post on the pros and cons of warehouse memberships!

And if you’re looking for a great fitting bike helmet for your kids, be sure and consider your very own ‘pink helmet’ though yours doesn’t have to be pink. We have 3 of them for the kiddos and love how snug we can get them, thanks to that adjustable dial in the back.

During this episode we both enjoyed a Buffalo Soldier by UTOG Brewing Co which you can find on Untappd. Another big thanks to Andy for donating this beer to the show! And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts, Castbox, or wherever you get your podcasts- we’d love to hear from you.

Best friends out!

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7 comments on “Why Warehouse Clubs Might Be Awesome – Episode 093

  1. Keegan Jun 5, 2019

    Hey Guys,
    Just listened to this week’s podcast and heard what you said about the “Kirkland” brand, but said their beer line was not good according to you. The thing is the SKU is not meant to be the best just a good option. As a rum fan, it is nowhere near the quality of other the brands I buy. It’s a white label, so will never win with true enthusiasts/experts. For someone who does not care about top quality, but wants a good option it fits the need (even the beer/rum).

  2. Andrea Jun 5, 2019

    My family are avid Costco shoppers. One thing you did not mention is the furniture. It might not always be cheapest (definitely competitive though) but it is all great quality. We recently bought an older home, gutted it, and completely remodeled. I had bought a bathroom vanity on the website and then found it on sale in the store the day it was to be delivered. I called them immediately and they just had us refuse delivery and buy in store. There was no charge and the customer service was great. But I will say in Phoenix, I have always lived within 3 miles of a store😋

  3. Leah Queery Jun 5, 2019

    Hey guys!

    I’m a newer listener and live in a rural area. I just listened to you episode regarding Costco/club memberships. It’s a 30 mile drive to get to my closest grocery store. I like to meal plan and go double the distance to my Costco and get food for the month. This helps me save time and money. Running for groceries on a random night can take me 1 hour or more. I love the advice you guys have and hearing new opinions.

  4. Hi,

    We love Costco in our family. We recently bought a new car via the Costco auto program. It was easy and by far, the lowest price for the model we bought (Lexus SUV). It made the whole process so much nicer. The dealership showed us the negotiated terms by model.

    I use my Costco visa for all purchases throughout the year. With my cash back check (usually around $600), we buy meat from Costco (high quality, great price) which lasts us most of the year. You do have to spend time taking large items and putting them in a usable size. For example, taking a giant rib roast and cutting it into 10 rib eyes. Our weekly grocery bills are around $60-80.

    We typically get 2-3 family meals out of one of the rotisserie chickens. Love the Italian sausage, boneless chicken breasts, and skirt steaks. In addition, you can get some luxurious bedding at a great price.

  5. Love your podcast! I need to weigh in on this one. We live in Brooklyn in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen. Imagine a ships kitchen. Three years ago when we had a baby we started eating at home all the time to save money. It’s easy to order in when everyone is tired but we have been really diligent. But grocery stores here are crazy expensive! It’s also time consuming and tiring to carry everything home from grocery stores which are still a hike with a kid and a stroller every other day. It started to make me wonder if it was worth it or a better way. I got us a Costco membership 6 mo the ago and love it. I did some research on the items that are the best deals and then focused on our needed staples like blueberries oatmeal rice quinoa and good cheeses. The first time I went nuts and got everything that’s shelf stable. I also felt fine buying things I wanted to buy more of but at Costco was priced reasonably like almond butter and Alaskan salmon. We all love eating and need quality fuel. It was a constant stress before to spend so much money and energy just getting groceries. I don’t have trouble storing it. We don’t keep a vehicle here because we are really right in New York City, so I borrow a friends car or go together with someone who has a vehicle and put gas in it to make the Costco trip about every 2months. I’m most happy about the time we have saved that we can pick up some extra produce and just be home together and get cooking. Thanks for doing this episode! I learned about some deals I hadn’t known about.

  6. COSTCO sells gas! In the Phoenix area recently I was driving 100mi every day for two months getting my adult son to the Mayo Clinic twice a day…(radiation 2x daily w/6hrs between) and he insisted on working as long as he could. One day on the way to his office I realized I couldn’t do the rest of our trip on the gas in my tank. I had to pay 24 cents more at a Chevron station. EGAD! COSTCO has spoiled me for decades. (My son just had a successful liver transplant.(

  7. Laurel Orduña Jul 9, 2019

    I like to support my local grocery store. I consider the elevated cost an investment I’m willing to make for convenience and to keep the services local. The eventual impact on your community if you don’t support local stores is empty storefronts.