Time Is Not Money with $Pro Grant Sabatier – Episode 058

February 4, 2019

Trading our time for money will only get us so far. So many of us are programmed to believe that we have to allocate a large percentage of our time to making money in order to ever consider retirement. Grant Sabatier, this week’s $Pro, is here to say otherwise. Grant wants to disrupt the linear model where time equals money by arguing that our time is actually much more valuable than money. Listen as Grant shares his thoughts on our inability to reclaim lost time, and as we discuss what steps we can take to change the belief: time is money.

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During this episode we enjoyed a Tritonia Gose with Pineapple & Lemon by Creature Comforts which you can find and learn all about on Untappd. And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts, Castbox, or wherever you get your podcasts- we’d love to hear from you.

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5 comments on “Time Is Not Money with $Pro Grant Sabatier – Episode 058

    • Haha, I love this Matt- looks like I’ve also been practicing a variation of inbox infinity (with a side of marked as read to eliminate the red new message dot!). Thanks for sharing.

  1. STEPHANIE CUSHMAN Feb 10, 2019

    Time Is Not Money episode you raved about a guy who has IRS tax forms available in Excel. You should be aware and share this: The IRS website has had free Fill-In-Forms available for years. Sounds like neither of you do your own taxes. Have you looked into how much you could save if you learned how to bypass professional tax prep? Really, taxes aren’t as complicated as we’re led to believe. The hard part is getting all the numbers collected, and you’re already doing that. CHALLENGE EPISODE!

    • Hey Stephanie, thanks for mentioning it! It looks like Free File Fillable Forms isn’t a website or service that is hosted by the IRS or US Gov, however it does seem like a reasonably safe option and definitely worth sharing! And it’s true, Joel and I use professional tax help due to fairly complex tax situation- however I have wondered in the past couple years how much they’re actually saving me… So what I really need to do, is to take all the steps as if I was going to file on my own, but don’t actually send it along. And then compare my numbers with whatever my tax professional sends me and see how things end up…

  2. Hi, I am Kumaran from Chennai, India.
    Was hearing this episode while I was driving to office. I have always wanted to take a solo trip which I didn’t make, I decided to do it right away without giving it a thought process again post this episode. And which I am not going to forget anytime soon. I even made a blog out of my journey please feel free to check it out ( https://iamkumaran.wixsite.com/iamkumaran/articles/myfirstsolotravel ) Thanks a lot for hitting me where it hits hard. Apart from this you guys are doing an awesome job , I have learnt a lot about basics of real estates from you guys. Keep going!