Renovating on a Budget – Episode 059

February 6, 2019
Even big renovations like when we extended our roofline, have to fall within the budget!

Last week we covered the pros and cons of whether you should renovate or move- and so this week we’re discussing specific pointers when it comes to renovating on a budget. We spend a good amount of time on general contractors as they likely have the largest impact on all aspects of your renovation- financial but also the quality of work and your overall experience. In addition we cover the high points of financing, architects, whether you should attempt any DIY, as well as some of the other finer points of renovating your home.

During this episode we enjoyed an Apple Brandy Barrel Noir by Prairie Artisan Ales which you can find and learn all about on Untappd. A big thanks to Jeff and Val over at Monday Morning Pancakes– which is their blog they started to document their path to financial independence! And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and give us a quick review over in Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts- we’d love to hear from you.

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