Money, Your Brain, and Buying Happiness (Bestie) – Episode 151

December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! In the midst of all the festivities, now is a good time to ask ourselves: “Buying new stuff makes us happy, right?” Well if you have a need that is now being met, there is certainly some value that item is now providing. But value isn’t the same as happiness. Hedonic adaptation, or the hedonic treadmill, helps us understand the effect of consumption. Coming to grips with that can help us end unhealthy cycles of mindless consumerism and set us on a path to a healthier way of thinking about money, spending, and saving for the future. Listen to the full episode to learn how hedonic adaptation can be terrible, how it can actually be a good thing, and then finally to learn how to hack it and truly control how happy you really are.

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Marz Community Brewing Mangifera Flux

During this episode we enjoyed a Mangifera Flux by Marz Community Brewing- a huge thanks to our buddy Andrew for bringing this beer all the way back from Chicago. And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Help us to spread the word to get more people doing smart things with their money!

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One comment on “Money, Your Brain, and Buying Happiness (Bestie) – Episode 151

  1. Michelle Jan 10, 2020

    Hey Matt and Joel thanks for the podcast!

    A note about the kids smartwatches. I have one for my 7-year old daughter called iGPS. The watch has its own phone line I pay for monthly and GPS tracking that lets me know where she is. It has very basic messaging functionality (she can send voice memos and emojis to only me and specified recipients, I can send her those back plus texting) and a pedometer, but that’s it. She may have been disappointed there was no camera, but oh well kid! So many of her friends ALREADY have phones, way too young in my opinion and I’m sure yours as well! So this watch in particular was a good alternative to a kid asking for a phone (no way).

    You could almost think of it as a smart watch “lite”. The benefit for us is that I’m a single, working parent and utilize different forms of childcare from day to day (friends, family, day care). We also have certain family members that for serious reasons are not allowed to have contact with or pick up my daughter. I don’t check the location too often and most days we don’t even have a need to communicate. But I have peace of mind knowing I can reach her, check her location if needed and confirm she is where she needs to be.