Don’t Mess Up Your Taxes, with Keith Schroeder – Episode 150

December 23, 2019

Our guest today is Keith Schroeder who began working in the backwoods of Wisconsin on a family farm fixing silo unloaders- not the kind of job most of us had growing up! But his passionate distaste for that work led him to file tax returns on the side and that hustle led to Keith being able to retire at age 22 however he didn’t stay retired for long. His tax preparation business exploded into a full on accounting firm where at his busiest, he was serving over 2,000 clients. He started his own blog in 2016 called The Wealthy Accountant to inspire people to “live life well” and also help them not screw up their taxes. In this episode we’ll cover Keith’s thoughts on the best tax advantaged retirement accounts, whether your side business should really be a hobby, and some important considerations as you begin to get your 2019 tax forms together!

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