Nobody enjoys paying full price- who doesn’t like scoring a sweet deal?! Yet many of us don’t think to do what it takes to pay less for the things that we buy. Whether it’s the fear of rejection or not wanting to be perceived as a cheapskate, there are a number of false narratives at play that are keeping us from pouncing on discounts. And it’s important to simultaneously keep in mind that, in the words of Michelle Singletary, “discounts make us dumb!” In the quest to pay less, it’s important to not fall victim to the ploys of marketers and advertising! We discuss all of these patterns of thinking, as well as the steps that we need to take in order to ensure that we’re getting the absolute best deal on almost everything.

  • Here’s a guide on ways to ask for a discount (and actually get it!)
  • Here’s that online cicada cookbook that I came across- has anyone actually tried to prepare and eat cicadas or other bugs?!
  • Of course, if you’re not using the Honey extension on your browser– you’re seriously missing out on some savings.
  • And when it comes to asking another person IRL for a discount, don’t forget to:
    • be knowledgeable/prepared
    • be nice
    • make sure you’re talking to the right person
    • try the cash discount
    • ask for additional freebies
    • be willing to delay
    • be willing to walk away
  • Credit Card Tool – Looking for the right credit card for you? Then check out our new credit card tool that’ll help you to easily filter through all the cards based on your preferred airline, whether or not they have an annual fee, or simply by the cash back offer! Just toggle the sliders and you’ll know which card to consider.

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2 comments on “How To Pay Less For Almost Everything – Episode 377

  1. Alicia Jun 30, 2021

    Guys, you’re about 2-3 weeks late on the cicadas. You might find a straggler here and there, but they pretty much died and went underground by mid-June. Maybe next brood?

    • Yep, shortly after we recorded that episode I also saw that Atlanta wasn’t likely to see (or hear) many cicadas this year anyways- looks like Brood 19 is the next one to look forward to for us in 2024!