It’s time for a Friday Flight! These episodes are all about the week’s financial news and the impact on your personal finances. There are a lot of headlines out there, but we distill it down to specific takeaways that will allow you to kick off the weekend informed and help you to continue to make smart money moves. In this episode we cover some interesting and helpful stories like: tax refunds taking longer than usual, higher capital gains are coming, losses in Robinhood, our (not-so) secret to credit card use, qualifying for credit cards with bad credit scores, student loan remorse, $1,000 rental cars, finding affordable rental cars, refinancing your home now, email scams, hypnosis scams, and robo-call scams.

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One comment on “Friday Flight: Refinancing Now, Hypnotizing Scams, & $1,000 Rental Cars – Episode 351

  1. Matt’s: Foghorn Leghorn (will accept the use of Foghorn by itself up to 60% of the time)

    Joel’s: Derek Zoolander’s Blue Steel (Derek for short)