With every passing day, it seems like we’re getting closer to being able to resume our pre-pandemic lives. On a personal note, we’re really looking forward to cramming into the Benz here in Atlanta to watch some soccer. And while we’re looking for a degree of normalcy, we need to make sure that we don’t spend our way into oblivion as the economy is reopening! There’s a good chance many of us ended last year without having spent nearly as much money as we typically would have, and now we’re chomping at the bit- shopping might feel like one of the few things we can do right now. Since there is so much pent-up demand, it’ll really be easy for us to fall prey to poor spending. It’s important for us to keep that behavior in check and there are a host of alternatives for us to consider instead of making that purchase. But if we’ve decided that we have to click ‘buy’, then we have a ton of options to make sure that we’re getting the best deal possible.

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