The fear of missing out- we’ve all experienced that emotion before! Whether some friends are getting together but you’re stuck finishing up a project, or maybe you haven’t been able to get your hands on the latest gaming console (or craft beer!). Well, FOMO has an ability to work its way into many different aspects of our lives, including our financial lives as well. You might feel some serious FOMO seeing individual stocks like Tesla skyrocket this past year while you are investing in plain old index funds. Or maybe with mortgage rates being at all-time lows, you feel like you are the only person in your peer group not buying a house right now. And you don’t want to miss out! This episode is about how to deal with and fend off FOMO so that we don’t make moves that mess up our ultimate goals due to distractions in the world around us.

If you’ve missed the video up till this
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During this episode we shared a Daaank Daniel by Heist Brewery in Charlotte NC. And as we’ve kicked things off with a bang in 2021, we could really use your help to spread the word- let friends and family know about How to Money! Hit the share button, subscribe if you’re not already a regular, and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Help us to spread the word to get more people doing smart things with their money in these difficult times!

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