Climate change used to feel like one of those things that was way off in the future. But then we see the headlines of extreme weather, or perhaps you’ve experienced it first-hand, and we realize that it could be more imminent than we used to think. It’s no longer an abstract concept but a concrete reality. And so it is with our perception of Social Security- it used to just be an annoyance that shrunk our paychecks as teenagers. But now as more responsible adults, we’re looking ahead and wondering if Social Security will even be a thing by the time we’re retirement age. And recent reports say that the Social Security fund will be insolvent by 2033?! That’s why today on the show we’re asking- whether or not we can count on Social Security retirement benefits and the additional steps we can start taking now to ensure a comfortable future.

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One comment on “Can We Count on Social Security or is it Busted? – Episode 413

  1. Hi Matt!
    I was curios about what you discussed about life expectancy in regard to social security benefit so I did some reading. According to, “life expectancy at birth in the early decades of the 20th century was low due mainly to high infant mortality, and someone who died as a child would never have worked and paid into Social Security. A more appropriate measure is probably life expectancy after attainment of adulthood.” The numbers you discussed in your show seems life expectancy at birth, not after attainment of adulthood.