Avoiding Money Fights with Andy Hill – Episode 102

July 8, 2019

Getting your significant other on-board when it comes to personal finance goals may be no small task- which is just one of the reasons we’re excited to have Andy Hill join us for this episode. Andy and his wife started their life together 50k in debt. They put in the hard work of confronting their individual unhealthy financial patterns, set some serious goals, and in just 4 years were completely debt free (including a 195k mortgage!) and now 8 years later have grown their net worth to over 750k! Andy’s podcast is called Marriage, Kids, and Money, and today we’re excited to talk with him about a variety of topics including clever ways he’s been able to diversify his income, as well as some tips for avoiding money fights with your partner and communicating well with regard to money and goals.

Be sure to check out all that Andy is creating over at MarriageKidsandMoney.com and one of my favorite posts from his site about growing your net worth to over $1 million in ten years.

During this episode we each enjoyed a Cream Weaver by Three Taverns Brewery – a big thanks to our friend Tyler here in Atlanta for donating this tasty beer to the show! And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts, Castbox, or wherever you get your podcasts- we’d love to hear from you.

Best friends out!

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