Ask HTM: Becoming a Single Income Household, Higher Costs in a Big City, and Long-Term Care Insurance – Episode 184

April 6, 2020

We’re kicking off the week by answering your questions! And if you have a question for us, we’d love for you to submit your own via

  1. What steps can be taken in order to prepare to become a single income household?
  2. In addition to maxing out my Roth IRA, what else should I do if I want to save and invest more?
  3. What are your thoughts on long-term care insurance?
  4. As a newly married couple, how do we budget on a variable income?
  5. What changes should I expect to see in my expenses as I’m moving from a very small town to a very large city?

Additional resources from this episode:

  • Make sure the next prescription you have filled is at a pharmacy that is giving you the best price. GoodRx is a fantastic resource to compare prices at your local pharmacies.
  • If you’re looking to open your own retirement account with a low cost brokerage, be sure and check out our favorites like Fidelity, Vanguard, and M1.
  • Folks who in their mid-fifties and are beginning to look at long-term care insurance can check out a site like PolicyGenius who will compare rates with multiple providers.
  • And as we learned from Liz Thames, not everything is more expensive in a big city. Listen back to that full interview to hear some of the different ways she and her husband were able to save more while living in Boston and NYC.

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