Clark Kent has a nerdy newspaper job, he’s got thick glasses- he’s definitely not cool in the city of Metropolis. But when he pulls back the white button up, he’s a beast and becomes Superman! He has superhuman strength, heat vision, freeze breath, and all sorts of special powers that allow him to kick butt and save the world. But Clark Kent doesn’t need everyone to know what he’s capable of- his power is understated and somewhat disconnected from his everyday life. And when it comes to our finances, there’s massive power that we hold as individuals when we don’t feel the need to signal to others what we’re capable of. We gain a degree of financial freedom, a life with less stress, and ultimately a sense of happiness and contentment that doesn’t come from the approval of others. Listen as we discuss how you can practice stealth wealth and achieve it as a goal in your life.

Additional links:

  • Book – The Millionaire Next Door is the book we referenced.
  • Happiness – A story reporting on the research by Kahneman and Killingsworth that more money actually can buy happiness, up to a certain point.
  • Charity – Check out Daffy if you’re looking to set up a donor advised fund on the cheap.
  • Money Mission Statement – Check out the worksheet we created to help you create your own Money Mission Statement! Download it, and give it a solid 30 minutes one evening to really begin some soul searching to determine what you want your life to look like.
  • Credit Card Tool – Looking for the right credit card for you? Then check out our new credit card tool that’ll help you to easily filter through all the cards based on your preferred airline, whether or not they have an annual fee, or simply by the cash back offer! Just toggle the sliders and you’ll know which card to consider.
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