The Best Cars for Frugal Folks – Episode 089

May 22, 2019

How much are you spending on your car? Aside from housing, Americans spend more money on cars and transportation costs than any other category, accounting for 14% of the average budget. That’s $9,000 annually according to the US Consumer Expenditure Survey but it could be a lot less! Luckily, some cars cost WAY less than others to purchase and maintain, and in this episode we make some car recommendations for frugal folks.

And here’s that MarketWatch article on how the Tesla Model 3 might be cheaper to own than a Toyota Camry, as well as the Consumer Reports article on the best cars under 20k.

During this episode we enjoyed a Bitter by FORM Fermentery and Blendery which you can find on Untappd. Another big thanks to Adam for donating this beer to the show! And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts, Castbox, or wherever you get your podcasts- we’d love to hear from you.

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2 comments on “The Best Cars for Frugal Folks – Episode 089

  1. Where are the show notes for this episode with the list of cars?