Little money tricks alone won’t get us all the way to our financial goals. As we discussed recently, just a couple of bigger money moves can have more of an impact on our bottom line than a bunch of small ones. However there are some small tricks, that when paired with a new perspective, will lead to massive change over the years. So for example we’re not just talking about the $5.00 you’ll save today because you’re doing a no spend week, we’re talking about your ability to question your overall view towards consumption. We’re not just encouraging you to start saving towards retirement, we’re asking you to imagine what your life might look like 40 years from now so you can truly connect with your future self! There’s not just the immediate monetary benefit, but there’s also the lasting mental benefit as well. THAT’S a powerful combo and we want you to be thinking about both aspects when it comes to your money.

We mentioned a bunch of other episodes that we’d highly recommend you check out. The foundational 7 Money Gears: When to do What with Your Money, Minimalism with Joshua Becker, Knowing Your Hourly Rate, and Practical Money Hacks with Lisa Rowan.

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