How to Save on a Phone Upgrade – Episode 039

October 3, 2018

How to Save on a Phone Upgrade

The newest iPhones that were just released are anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 – that is a ton of money!!! With all the different functions and duties that our smartphones are able to perform, it’s no surprise that the prices are continuing to climb but don’t pay full price! Regardless if you’re getting the latest and greatest iPhone release, or if you’re buying last year’s Moto, you want to be getting a deal. In this episode we cover a bunch of different ways to save on your phone upgrade including where and when to buy, how to easily reset your phone of personal information before selling it, and some alternatives to getting a new phone altogether!

Additional stuff to check out that we mentioned in this episode:

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4 comments on “How to Save on a Phone Upgrade – Episode 039

  1. This came at the right time for me! However, and I apologize ahead of time for being such a noob, but I literally don’t know how to make a used phone work with my contract… I’ve always resorted to doing the whole upgrade route at the Sprint store. Maybe in the next episode on contracts could you explain how you know you’re getting a compatible phone? Does that even matter? Can you just buy any old phone and swap it out with your current phone on your contract? How?! I just need to know what I need to look out for before I choose a used/refurbished phone! The more details, the better 😛
    Thanks guys, I’ve found your podcast so helpful!

    • Hey Lo! What will be the easiest for you, is to just make sure that you’re buying a used Sprint phone. It’s possible to use a ‘Verizon’ phone on the Sprint network, but it’s definitely more complicated so if you want to go the simplest route, just look for a used Sprint phone. And then it’s possible now to activate the new phone yourself online: , however if you’re not comfortable doing that yourself, you can just go into the Sprint store in person and they can help you!

  2. I recently got off the yearly upgrade habit. In no other part of my life did I unthinkingly spend nearly $1000 on a routine basis! They really get you with breaking the cost of the phones down to monthly installments. $20/month isn’t so bad until you multiply it by 24! And then continuously sign up for the newest upgrade. I think I’m done with buying new phones. As you said, the release schedule is so fast now that the tech isn’t really all that much better from one year to the next. Last year’s or the year before will be perfectly acceptable for most people most of the time.

    I recently took a look at my cell phone habits and how much it was really costing me. Big numbers for a little device!

    • Great article Kpeds, thanks for sharing! I’m glad to hear you’re kicking the habit as well and are done with buying new phones. Personally, I’m still a fan of the Apple products, so for me it’s just about figuring which ‘old’ iPhone I’ll be purchasing next. I haven’t done much research yet, but I’m currently thinking I’ll get a 6 or 7, possibly the 8 but honestly that might be too fancy for me to justify!