Friday Flight: Socially Responsible Investing, Bad Credit Cards, & Finding (literal) Diamonds – Episode 264

October 9, 2020

It’s time for a Friday Flight! These episodes are all about the week’s news and the effects of Covid-19 on your personal finances. There are a lot of headlines out there, but we are distilling it down to specific takeaways that will allow you to not just weather this health and financial crisis, but to come out on the other side even stronger. In this episode we cover some interesting and helpful stories like where you can find a literal diamond in the rough, some updates on a new stimulus bill, as well as an update to the original stimulus check, the effects of the election on investing, bad credit cards to stay away from, and our thoughts on the types of spending that will resume after we’re finished with ‘rona. After all of that, we have a chance to talk with Lindsey Bell of Ally Invest about social responsible investing- it’s something we’re doing more of these days and Lindsey explains why it really makes a lot sense! You can find out more at

And for some reason, if you still haven’t registered to receive your stimulus check from this past spring, you can do that at the non-filer portal on the IRS website.

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4 comments on “Friday Flight: Socially Responsible Investing, Bad Credit Cards, & Finding (literal) Diamonds – Episode 264

  1. Danny Oct 9, 2020

    I’m not sure if this is true, but after that diamond story went public, the IRS reached out and told the guy he has to pay taxes on it! Ack! What would of happened if he just didn’t say anything??

  2. Jeff Richman Oct 13, 2020

    Just listened to 3/4 of this episode while walking the dog, then shut it off in disgust. Your discussion with Lindsey Bell was over-crammed with acronyms and you made zero effort to define them. I’m a banker with a degree in finance, so if I don’t know what the terms mean, you can bet that the average listener is lost as well. I managed to guess that ESG funds have some kind of connection to the environment, but would it kill you to take 5 seconds to define the term? I shouldn’t have to put the episode on pause until I can get home and google the terms. You should ALWAYS define EVERY acronym the FIRST time it appears in EVERY episode — anything less is total laziness and unacceptable. This reflects very poorly on your professionalism. Most episodes are good, but you really got lazy on this one.

    • Hey Jeff. I just wanted to apologize if we got too jargony on that episode. It’s our goal to avoid jargon at all costs and it sounds like we failed in that effort on this episode. Thanks for your feedback. It will certainly help us avoid making that same mistake again.