Financial Lessons Learned During Covid – Episode 239

August 12, 2020

The novel coronavirus has had a domino-like effect on so many areas of our lives including our finances. Maybe you’ve lost your job and have had to file for unemployment for the first time ever. Or perhaps you technically still have a job but you have been furloughed and are realizing how little you have in savings. Most of the lessons we’re going to discuss in this episode aren’t brand new, but due to the health crisis, they’re more important than ever. It’s vital to reflect on those lessons so that we don’t forget them – not only do we need to put those lessons to work now during the pandemic, but we also need to continue to implement that knowledge in a way that continues to help us for years to come.

During this episode we enjoyed a Modus Vivendi by The Wild Beer Co out of England! And as we’ve ramped up the podcast with an additional Friday episode every week, we could really use your help to spread the word- let friends and family know about How to Money! Hit the share button, subscribe if you’re not already a regular, and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Help us to spread the word to get more people doing smart things with their money in these difficult times!

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One comment on “Financial Lessons Learned During Covid – Episode 239

  1. Hello Matt and Joel, I enjoyed listening to this episode. You mentioned income diversification being really important during this time and it sounded like you were thankful to have direct real estate investments. Any lessons come out of this from a real estate investment standpoint? I assume an emergency fund per property might come in handy but was wondering if anything else became more apparent during this downturn.