Affordable Used Cars & the Future of Office Life – Episode 207

May 29, 2020

Friday episodes are all about the week’s news and the effects of Covid-19 on your personal finances. There are a lot of headlines out there, but we are distilling it down to specific takeaways that will allow you to not just weather this health and financial crisis, but to thrive. In this episode we cover a lot of interesting topics like Netflix cancelling subscriptions, the high price folks pay for delivery apps, and AI and customer service. We also spend some time on the most affordable used cars today and where you can buy them, as well as whether or not the work office is dead now that so many of us are working from home.

And here is the list of the best affordable used cars based on recent sales data. Also we’ve written a good post on is it worth buying a new car? – check it out!

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2 comments on “Affordable Used Cars & the Future of Office Life – Episode 207

  1. Terri Jun 7, 2020

    You talked about a link that would be in the show notes about buying a used car right now. I don’t see anything. Can you tell me where that is? Thanks