Friday Flight: Prime Day Reprise, Subversive Subscriptions, & Moving for Money – Episode 573

Time for our Friday Flight! These episodes are a sampling of the week’s financial news and the impact on your personal finances. There are a lot of headlines out there, but we distill it down…Read more

EOY Deadlines: Reduce Your Taxes & Maximize Your Money – Episode 572

With all that we’re trying to accomplish in our everyday lives- we find that reminders are a necessity. For instance, your car’s low gas indicator light that flares up when you’re nearing an empty tank.…Read more

Jet-Setting for Little to No Money with The Points Guy, Brian Kelly – Episode 571

Brian Kelly, The Points Guy himself, is joining us today on the podcast! If you’ve ever attempted some research on airline miles or credit card reward points, then there’s a good chance you’ve read an…Read more
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    I've been obsessed with personal finance for more than 15 years now. Exploring the world of money and the impact that money decisions have on our everyday lives has always been more than just a job for me. It's my goal to see HTM listeners & readers thrive by giving them the advice and tools they need to succeed and build wealth over the long haul.


      Money gives you options. The better you are at saving and investing, the more flexibility you attain. Mastering your personal finances isn't about getting "filthy rich." But it is a crucial step towards leading a fulfilling life. I get excited to help other people take positive steps with their personal finances because of the far-reaching impact it has on every aspect of their lives.

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