Selling a House for Top Dollar with Mindy Jensen – Episode 162

February 3, 2020

Wanna sell your house for a lot of money? Then it would behoove you to listen to this interview! Our guest today, Mindy Jensen, is a licensed real estate agent in Colorado and has been buying and selling homes for about 20 years. And not only does she buy and sell them for her clients, but she’s an investor herself and specializes in live-in flips. Mindy works for where she helps investors learn the proper ways to invest in real estate and she also co-hosts the podcast BiggerPockets Money. In this episode we talk through how you can sell your home for the most money possible.

We’re also going to give away 10 copies of Mindy’s book, “How to Sell Your Home: The Essential Guide to a Fast, Stress-Free, and Profitable Sale”. To be entered to win, just leave us a solid review over in Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, and then shoot us an email at with your screen name. That’s all there is to it!

And you can find her at MindyAtBP over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

During this episode we enjoyed a Slammin at the Club by Casa Agria Specialty Ales- thanks to our buddy Josh for donating this one! And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Help us to spread the word to get more people doing smart things with their money!

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One comment on “Selling a House for Top Dollar with Mindy Jensen – Episode 162

  1. Simone Feb 7, 2020

    Great show. I love Mindy and her podcast too. Not quite there with the home buying but working toward it.