Andrew Dyer is an ex Army Drill Sergeant turned Investment Data Analyst from Vancouver, WA. He holds his Bachelors degree in Business Analytics from the American Military University and loves to coach others in life through the means of motivation and personal finance.

Britney is a writer and musician from New York who is passionate about sharing how frugal and intentional living can help you live the life you want! She is currently pursuing her Masters in Music and enjoys travel hacking to explore new places, working on her first novel, and using songwriting as a medium for storytelling and connection.

Jason is a personal finance nerd who loves sharing his money knowledge and helping people boost their happiness in life! He is also the author of two money-related books: "Margin Matters: How to Live on a Simple Budget & Crush Debt Forever" and "IT IS POSSIBLE!: How I Earned Two Debt-Free Degrees...and How You Can, Too." Jason has a bachelor’s in communication and master’s in professional writing, and lives in Atlanta with his wife and two sons.